A Day In The Life Of My Daughter


Jamie Jo said...

Oh, happy birthday to your sweet girlie!

My 2nd daughter is turning 6 in about 3 weeks, I didn't realize they were so close in age!

God"s blessings wished for her!

PattyinCT said...

Happy Birthday! August is a special month to be born! My middle son is turning 5 in 8 days! What a blessing children are:)

Gardenia said...

your heart strings are being pulled I'm sure as you look back at the earlier birthdays and her birth, and see what a beautiful soul she is, with so much more to learn and love! happy birthday to your daughter, who looks so much like you.

Sarah Oldham said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful little lady in the making!!!! Isn't it a blessing to have a wee bit o' pink in the house?!?!

Christine said...

Birthday Blessings to your little Miss!

She is beautiful like her mother.

She is blessed.

Wish your boys could come zip zip zip on our line!!! My 9yr old is zipping...so girls are invited too!

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