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When my mother was a teenager she became best friends with her young gym teacher and that relationship has lasted as she approaches her 70th birthday.

Growing up I loved listening to their stories about those years, then the years of being in each other's weddings, each birthing 3 children, even working together...

There have been ebbs and flows, but today these women are still a part of each others life.

I, my mother's oldest and Auntie G's youngest and only daughter grew up friends as well. Little girl sleepovers, lots of time in the pool, sending each other goofy recordings during college years and then, enamored with extending traditions, "J" was one of my bridesmaids, like her mother before her was to my mother.

Our mother's friendship today continues and gives life to ours. Last night we sat around a round, porch table on a humid summer's evening and shared dinner and pool time. Auntie G and my mother, "J" and I and the 2 newest in this tradition..."J"'s daughter and mine!

For a couple of summers now these little girls have had a playdate together at this pool. To me it seems they already have an easy, comfortable friendship that doesn't notice the time in between visits...much the same with "J" and I. It's easy to talk with her and catch up.

I found myself wondering and hoping our girls can be penpals as they grow and a part of each others lives, continuing this legacy. And I realize that "J" and I will have to breath life into that relationship as our mother's are the conduits to us seeing each other. Someday we'll have to take on that role...

I think we're very lucky and blessed to see this 3rd generation of friendship. How often does that happen? That's not really a question....It's not *just* luck involved here.

It's commitment.

And we have 2 excellent role models in showing us how to create such a legacy.


Jamie Jo said...

What a blessing, thanks for sharing these special relationships!

Gardenia said...

The Lord brings people together and when it's a good thing, it tends to trickle down to the next generation, doesn't it. what a blessing.

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