4 in 17

With *PRIDE*, we have just gone through the annual summer birthday ride.

Celebrating 4 birthdays in 17 days means lotsa LEOs in my house and lots of cake and icecream. :)

Eldest son kicked off the celebrating, turning 14. We use the "Lovable, Capable, Valuable" plate on special occasions, as pictured here with his birthday breakfast cinnabun. He is all those things to us! Truly!

For his birthday dinner, we went out for luscious crabs after he shot an 84 on the links! His sister decorated his cake.

"Big Daddy" had his birthday on the Feast of St. Alphonsus Ligouri. God bless the best father and husband a family could ask for! He doesn't like the attention on him so we kept it low-key, not even a photo. :(

This 5 year old awoke to a scene her oldest brother created for her, in her playroom. "Buddies" everywhere... having a party for her!

She asked for a Barbie cake but was VERY specific on the colors and the 2 mermaids that went into it. She was overjoyed with it after a day at a playcenter and swimming with surprise visitors - cousins from out of town. This little darling is so full of love.

Our 2nd son, the comedy-writer, turned 12 on the feast of St. Lawrence. This year he's become the house expert on all things Roman Empire. He has also proven to be a get-it-done kinda guy, no procrastinator here! His clever thoughts always make us laugh.

Just a celebratory sip of Dad's red.... lovin' life here in the Lion's Den.

Stay tuned for youngest sons birthday in September...


Renee said...

Wow! Four in a row! You are blessed with such a lovely family. Your beautiful children always make me smile. Love the party fest the boys made for your daughter, how fun it all of that? Celebrate those golfers, sippers and mermaid lovers. Happy Birthday to all and God Bless!

Jamie said...

Ha!!! After Baby Bridget is born on the 27th, I'll have you beat with 4 in 14 days!! It will start with her, August 27th, then Clare on Sept 2, then my hubby on Sept 8 (Mary's b-day) then me on the 9th!!

Happy birthday to all your birthdays in these past 17 days!! God bless everyone!!!

Christine said...

Very cool way to share your family. Isn't it fun how different each child is.

My only girl has never ever asked for a barbie cake...sniff sniff.

Sarah - Kala said...

Tell Christine she should just make her a doll cake for a joke - and have another one handy. Just once.

Lovely birthdays - happy bday to them all. I would love all that cake, trust me!!

Sarah said...

Your family is so full of joy! How awesome!! I love how your son made that *buddies party* for your girl! That is so cool =) In November, we will have 3 birthdays in 9 days! My oldest turns 7 on the 11th, and the twins turn 2 on the 20th!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Everyone looks so cute and joyful! Happy birthday to all!

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