My 50,000th visitor!

11:17 AM
Around 6pm last night, the blog had its 50,000th visitor!

To the visitor from Valdosta, Georgia and to all the others who stop by and often chat, I thank you. I really do.

About 100 visit a day and I am grateful for the many friends the blog world has opened up for me.

God bless!


Sarah said...

Congrats!! =)

Elizabeth said...

Someday I want to be like you when my blog "grows up"!
Pax Christi

Marilena said...

as i don't have feedjit anymore, i can't even tell how many have visited the garden in the last while. but, its nice to see you again. drop by the garden when you have the time! i might put feedjit up, not sure!

Aussie Therese said...

I am just about at my 35000 visit. An average of 100 a day is great. My average goes from 75 a day down to 50 a day.

Amber Simms said...

Would you mind sharing your house rules posted above your white board?

+JMJ+ said...

Hi Amber!

I am away from home right now so I cant transpose them for you but they come from a book called the 21 Rules of This House.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to hear more from you. :)

pinoycatholic said...

Great for all you guys! Be thankful for the visits you get. My site only averages 20 a day. Not complaining. Just...inviting. ROFL!

Christine said...

Where are you? Miss ya!

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