Our Transformation

When I think of today, and the Transfiguration, I think of our desire for holiness, for transformation.

Christ in his purity, a beacon of light, awes us. We are drawn to Him and, like Peter, want to STAY in his transforming presence and put up tents, living a NEW way...leaving what's "beneath" us behind and STAYing on that mountain with Christ in His glory.

Peter had reached a summit. At this highpoint, he had been bathed in the light of Christ and seen heavenly, unearthly things in the shining Son. Doubt was transformed as to who this Jesus is and hope was transformed as to where following Him will lead. We all want to stay in a place where doubt is removed and hope is enlightened and that is found in Our Lord's nearness.

I think of another transformation as well, one that shines in my memory. One that is also a gift from God.

5 years ago, on this day, I was 11 days late. Past my due date in delivering my 4th child, I was at a hospital test to check on fluids and was told that I wouldn't be leaving. It was time to induce.

I remember smiling. It was the feast of the Transfiguration and, as God would have it, it was a transforming moment for our family. It had been "my three sons" up until that time, but God had more to show us, to illuminate.
We were about to have a daughter! Our family would be transformed. PINK was coming into the house!

My delivery complication transformed my facility in having more children...still, in God's hands. Thank you Lord for bringing me and my daughter through it, safely. Thank you for the Sacrament of the annointing of the sick, for guiding the hands of the surgeon, for prayers answered and the intercession of your saints. (St. Gerard, St. Gianna, St. Anne)
Rough and tumble boys melted in her presence and we were all alight with the joy and awe of her.

We still are.

So grateful for her shining light in our lives...we can't help but want to be near her. I pray that we all, as a family, are transformed in Christ and STAY near to Him....on this day and always.... and may we reflect His light.


Cheryl said...

What a beautiful story Allison!
I know what a little "pink" can bring to a house full of "blue!"
God bless!

Jamie said...

Happy Blessed Birthday to your sweet pink girl!!

I've missed you, hope you are enjoying summer!

Dessi said...

And you are blessed with four wonderful children!!!!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl...scary complications! Glad ya'll made it.

Christine said...

Heartfelt story. Thanks for sharing. LOVE the pic of the boys and that sweet little baby girl.

You are blessed

regan said...

what a very special and sweet memory allison.
pink is welcome in my laundry room any day! :)
thanks for this lovely little reflection!

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a wonderful story. That must have been very difficult for you. I am so happy you are celebrating five years with a precious daughter. My youngest dd is 5 and I treasure every moment...she is such a joy!

Kelly said...

Oh - you've got me crying with this beautiful post! Thanks for sharing. And I had no idea you had survived placenta accreta - Praise God! That is definitely a scary thing to deal with!

Sarah - Kala said...

Tears of joy, my friend. Every family needs a dollop of pink! Happy and blessed birthday to your girl. And, sorry I'm late on commenting, but my sidebar thing does not always update on when new posts are up. Grrrrrrr. God bless!

Gae said...

Dearest Allison,
How wownderful that you have your drop of pink.
I must say I was in tears reading about this blessing.
I think that you are very blessed to be actully able to share this story and so brave in what you have endured.
I don't think I would been this brave even with ALL the blessings we have been privlidged to have.
God Bless

DAD said...

My little angel!


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