April is National Poetry Month & It's the 25th Anniversary of Dead Poet's Society

April is National Poetry month ... ENJOY SOME!

It is also 25 years since the Robin Williams movie, DEAD POET"S SOCIETY.   

Who is you favorite Poet?

What is your favorite Poem?

I'm a fan and love to read and listen to these power-packed words that activate my imagination!  See my posts on.....

POETRY MEMORIZATION & Educational Benefits

One of my favorite Poems

Video - My 11 Year Old Son Recites CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE

Video - My 5 year old Daughter Recites Robert Louis Stevenson

What to Memorize for ETERNAL Benefits

And as it relates to homeschooling, especially Classical education with Mother of Divine Grace, see my Pinterest board with links to poetry and recitation. 

Looking forward to your comments with your picks!

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