How we got here

We’d felt drawn to homeschooling since the beginning. Like many parents, we had doubts…could we do it?

There were so many families (in books I had read) who had those same doubts and I wish we had delved into how they became convinced they could do it…not given up so quickly. But God had a plan…

Our years in our local Catholic school were happy ones. Those years were meaningful. I knew a handful of Catholic friends who were homeschooling and a few pages into a recommended book, Catholic Homeschooling by Mary Kay Clark, and I was QUICKLY convicted. I bought a second copy for my husband and asked him to tell me if he didn’t feel the same strong reaction.

He did.

We started researching Catholic homeschooling online and talking to homeschoolers. I remember reading aloud to him from Kimberly Hahn’s book, Homeward Bound on a long car ride. Her encouragement fortified us. One of those books had a quote, “It’s not about getting you’re children into Harvard, it’s about getting them into HEAVEN.” I think that put my husband over the top. We realized we’d be taking a leap of faith. Also, for me especially, I admitted that it was a call I had felt God had been leading me to for quite some time. That adage, If He leads you to it, He’ll lead you through it has been so true!

So many wonderful books later and we’re homeschooling 3 of our 4 children ( our 2 year old is auditing) since September now and just about everyday, we remark how great it is! Every day we feel blessed, closer, less stressed, more connected to our faith. God has provided. We organized with 30 other local Catholic families to form a support group under the title, and mantle, Our Lady Queen of Peace. With these like-minded families, we share monthly devotions like First Friday Sacraments and children’s Holy Hours as well as social events.

In this blog I hope to journal our journey. I wish to capture memories from these precious days in Thanksgiving to The One who brought us to this happiness. Praise God.




Kimberly said...

God bless you in all your endeavors! You will never be sorry for the choices you have so lovingly made for the spiritual well-being of your children. It is indeed a challenge to raise faith-filled children, the protection of home and hearth will best afford them the safe harbor that all children desperately need.

Anonymous said...

You give me such courage to attempt to homeschool as beautifully and patiently as you do! I will look to you for continued example and witness.

God bless!

Rosemary said...

How wonderful. My children are all in school now but we thoroughly enjoyed many years of home schooling. My oldest just graduated from Notre Dame. Enjoy the adventure! I loved home schooling.

Simple Faith and Life said...

Your family and your blog are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Your enthusiasm is contagious.
God bless.

Aliadelaide said...

I thought you might like to read how we started homeschooling


Michael said...

Allison, have you ever attended the IHM Catholic Homeschooling Conference? This week we are in Arlington, TX and have met some incredible and loving parents.

Whether our textbooks are used in private Catholic Schools or by Catholic Homeschooling parents, our mission is to put Catholic Identity back into History/Social Study textbooks and we do that by teaching through ‘story’.

We’d love your feedback on our website and your thoughts on our textbooks after reviewing sample chapters we've provided. God Bless.

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