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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My 11 Year Old Son Recites Charge of the Light Brigade

As part of Mother of Divine Grace's 6th grade curriculum the poem, Charge of the Light Brigade, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, is memorized and recited. It is a favorite in our homeschool.


 Here is my 11 year old son's recording.


jessica said...

WOW, he did a great job, both on memorizing & his recitation!!! He should be very proud of himself. :D Not gonna lie, the ending was awesome too! ;) How long did it take him to memorize it?

Kasey said...

Love it, Allison! I'm having my 9th graders do Poetry Out Loud (, if you're interested--homeschoolers can participate in competition, too!) and I assigned one of my girls 'The Charge of the Light Brigade.' I thought that it couldn't be too bad--I had memorized it as an 8th grader. She's fighting the poem memorization processand making it harder on herself to remember the poem, but maybe I can show her this video of your son. If an 11 year old boy can do it, certainly she can, too!

I also told one of my classes about something you had posted once about your sons memorizing a poem and putting it up on the mirror to study as they brushed their teeth. I also made them all read the article you posted a while back about the teacher who forces his high school students to memorize poetry... so basically, I've gotten all of my poetry unit inspiration from you! Thanks for being a great educator and sharing your ideas with the rest of us!

Just One Handful said...

Applause!!!A wonderful job to your son!!! We did The Charge of the Light Brigade a couple of years ago, it's a long one. Lots of effort. I called my big girls (12, 11) in to watch and they still remembered it!! Poetry Memorization works! A beautiful, holy Advent to you all, Kara

Tracy said...

Awesome job! I love it when children learn to memorize prayer and poetry. He looked like he really enjoyed doing it too.

Allison said...

Jessica, Kasey, Kara and Tracy, thank you. He's a little perturbed at me right now for sharing this but I am reminding him that it is encouraging for others and his feelings are normal, to be self-conscious about "public" speaking.

Anyway, your kind words are appreciated. Our family loves that poem and it took him about 3 months of a little memorization each week.

Kasey, I am so touched that you've found my blog helpful in your teaching. What a lucky group of girls to have YOU as their committed, Catholic teacher!