Advent - How Are You Preparing Your Inn?


It's here.  The waiting and the preparation.  Preparing for Him.

I carried each of my 4 children in my womb over Christmases long ago. Then and now I think about being like Mary.  With and without life inside me, it's still a time for waiting for something NEW to be born.

He makes all things new. His birth is heralded on Christmas but His return is just as much a reality.

A blog friend's daughter made this last year. Isn't it beautiful?
The busy-ness and the world distract and I need to make room in my heart...and in my actions... for He who is to come again to judge the living and the dead.

How are you preparing?


Ebeth said...

Yes! We must stop and try to pay attention to the holy things and not so much the harried!!

thanks for your insight!! Blessings!

Mom2Seven said...

Oh, Allison, can you tell I am tired? As I pulled your post up, I thought, "That looks familiar." I guess it should, huh? It sitting next to our manger! We've had a child in the hospital (all is well), and I'm running on empty. I'll have to show Rachel that you posted it!

Peace to you this Advent. My goal now that things have settled down, is to attempt to create a peaceful, joyful environment for my family.

God bless, Annita

Allison said...

Hi Ebeth and Annita! God bless your Advents.

Annita, please thank Rachel again for this image. I pinned it to Catholic Pinterest as well. And friend, I am glad all is well. Children in the hospital makes you truly reflect on what is important. Rest. Renew. Prayers.

noreen said...

Hi Allison, that is incredibly beautiful! Advent Blessings to you!

Jen said...

That is beautiful! I've had very conflicting feelings this Advent. I feel as though it's not the secular part of my life that's too busy, it's the feeling as though we are not doing enough "holy" stuff that stresses me out. I'm pregnant again and actually posted a blog about the stirring of the baby and the stirring of Christ within me. I am just praying for peace and direction at this point. I have a feeling that, being a Carmelite, my mission/vocation isn't necessarily as "out there" as others, and that I have to be okay with that. Because it's what God wants of me. Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

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