Photos of Thanksgiving


There was football....always a showdown between the Indians and the Pilgrims.

Marked by good spirits....wish those Pilgrims who risked their lives for Religious Freedom had won...

..But somehow...again...a tie.

On black Friday I "shopped" for some pretty portraits of my loved ones.

My beautiful Mother

My Dad
There was a sumptuous feast. My sister-in-law, the perfect hostess made everything appealing and elegant.


No, BLESSED. Thank you, Lord.



Christine said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Looks like fun! I love the "pretty" table! Again, I wonder at what age I should get a matching set of silverware?

Mom2Seven said...

Wonderful pictures! So glad that it was a very happy Thanksgiving for you and your family! +JMJ+

Allison said...

Thankful for you, Christine and Annita!

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