Fr. Vonhogen on How To Celebrate a Catholic Thanksgiving

I did not get to meet Father Roderick Vonhögen at the Vatican Bloggers Meeting, but found his speech one of the most entertaining. I am always impressed with his commitment to Catholic social media and this newest video does not disappoint. In fact, I found it moving and had to share.
  May I take this opportunity to tell you, dear readers, that it means so much to me to share this Catholic blogsphere with you and find support in our shared love for our faith. Thank you! I am grateful for you.

God bless your Thanksgiving!


Jamie Jo said...

I loved that, it was great!

Thank you for sharing and thank you for being a great friend--sister in Christ!

Happy Thanksgiving...I'll be writing my Thankful Thanksgiving post tonite during my midnite pumping!

Allison said...

Thankful for your, Jamie Jo!

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