St. Peter 's Church in Steubenville, Ohio

We made another trip to Steubenville, Ohio. My oldest son will graduate from homeschool this Spring...our first graduate!

He has chosen Franciscan University, a Cardinal Newman list *faithful* Catholic college that offers a business degree. (In fact,  they have a 4+1 program so that he could graduate with his MBA in 5 years.)

The Catholic faith is a daily part of life at FUS and we enjoyed attending a reverent noon Mass on campus. Masses are scheduled throughout the day and not in conflict with classes. The University also offers it's version of fraternity life, faith households.

Considering our love for the Latin Mass it is good to know that there is that option on campus as well. But we also wanted to pray the Mass in town, 5 minutes away at St. Peter's Church, in Steubenville, where they have an Extraordinary Form/ Latin Mass every Sunday . With his years of experience as an EF altar server, I hope our son will find an opportunity to use those skills in service of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass while in his college town.

Here are some other photos of this lovely Church .
above the Church main entrance

St. Peter's originally called St. Pius - Steubenville Ohio

Baptistry at St. Peter's  Steubenville, Ohio

Wall mural outside of Church
We are excited for this next chapter in our son's life and grateful to have the opportunity to explore a new area while celebrating our faith.


Christine said...

This is an exciting time for him! AND so blessed to attend a wonderful college!

Nancy Shuman said...

I am thrilled for your whole family! One of my children is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, and it has been a grace for ALL of us. May God bless!

Tracy said...

Beautiful church and made me look up where Stubenville, Ohio was. LOL

We've been to Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, but hadn't heard of Stubenville. Congratulations on your first homeschool graduate.

J.C. said...

I have always thought of Steubenville as very hostile to the Latin Mass and Traditionalists. Even waaay back when I was applying to colleges, it had such a charismatic reputation... It's nice to know that they are actually allowing the Latin Mass on campus. Did your son consider any other colleges like TAC or Wyoming Catholic College or did the classical liberal arts not appeal to a future business major? I have only girls, but I have always thought that it must be an extremely difficult process for young Catholic men and their families to pick an appropriate college that balances the Catholic moral life, Catholic intellectual formation and future professional pursuits, particularly when they are more inclined to the hard sciences or other areas than the humanities. May God bless your son and your family!

Allison said...

Thanks, friends.

J.C., initially I was worried that my son might find FUS very charismatic as that was a word we had often heard related to the college. Having a Traditional Latin Mass background we visited the University to assess if he'd feel out of place. While there is that aspect to the faith there, it's not at the Mass we attended on campus. That Mass was reverent and it is good to hear that the TLM is celebrated there and nearby.

You are right that there are campuses that have more transformative TLMs, but yes, he is seeking a business degree. Also, his father and I preferred that he not be a plane ride away but a drivable distance for further affordablility. What he was looking for could be found 6 hours away.

Franciscan ticks off the most boxes for us and we hope and will pray that he has the faith-filled experiences there that we hear from so many others. So many young people lose their faith at secular colleges and we were proud to hear that it was important to HIM to be somewhere that would support his faith, even grow it...which is what we hear from alumni. I think he will attend Mass and adoration MORE there and develop his own prayer life around so many like-minded Catholic men and women.

We are lucky as Catholics that there are true Catholic college choices out there affirmed by the Cardinal Newmann evaluation.

Thank you for your kinds words and comment. God bless you.

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