The Devil is Achieving his Goals

5:29 PM
As a local priest wrote on his Facebook page, "Broadcast 47 years ago; incredibly prescient.

According to this, the Devil exists and has been nearly 100% successful in achieving his goals.


Jamie Jo said...

Wow, very good....Very sad....very scary too, I guess.

Allison said...

You know what someone posted on the Priest's Facebook page and I should have mentioned as well?

We know the outcome. The devil is a loser.

Catholic Cookie Jar said...

It's extremely scary to think about all the things he is doing in our world, but we thankfully we know the outcome as you said.

Tina Marie said...

Wow! This is relevant here in Canada, too.

Doesn't this video make you want to go to adoration or grab a rosary? The devil can't win and he won't either.

God Bless.

Mom2Seven said...

Thanks for posting this. I have already shared it! ~Annita +JMJ+

Christine said...

I agree with Jamie. Very sad.

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