Homeschool Resources - 23 Pinterest Boards by Grade and Subject

Many, many homeschool resources can be found on my Pinterest boards.  I cultivate these boards and keep them as a filing cabinet for each grade, as well as by curriculum topic.

Hope you'll find them helpful, too. Here's a list of 23 Catholic Homeschool boards to check out. By following me or a board you'll keep up with any new resources I catalog and bookmark.

First, there's my general Homeschool Board - 

               Follow 's board Homeschool at Totus Tuus Academy on Pinterest.  

Then, for 7th grade -

         Follow 's board MODG 7th on Pinterest.  

Then, for Crafts -

         Follow 's board I can do dis! on Pinterest.  

Then, for 5th grade -

         Follow 's board MODG 5 grade on Pinterest.  

My 9th grade board is Earth Science heavy -

           Follow 's board MODG 9th grade on Pinterest.  

My 6th grade board is heavy with Egypt -

         Follow 's board MODG 6th grade on Pinterest.  

I have a board for Science resources, in general -

         Follow 's board Science on Pinterest.  

The 8th grade board has a lot of Shakespeare resources -

       Follow 's board MODG 8th grade on Pinterest.  

4th grade board features many bird-study resources -

         Follow 's board MODG 4th grade on Pinterest.  

There's a board just with TESTing resources , standardized, learning styles and more -

       Follow 's board TESTING on Pinterest.  

3rd grade board -

         Follow 's board MODG 3rd grade on Pinterest.  

Maps -

         Follow 's board Maps on Pinterest.  

Recitation - video helps of great poetry being recited and poetry resources -

               Follow 's board Recitation on Pinterest.

12th grade includes home Chemistry links -

       Follow 's board MODG 12th grade on Pinterest.  

11th grade - Beowulf, Crusades, Inquisition -

         Follow 's board MODG 11th Grade on Pinterest.  

10th grade -

         Follow 's board MODG 10th grade on Pinterest.  

Backyard Nature houses many of the funnest resources we enjoyed -

         Follow 's board Backyard Nature on Pinterest.  

Art Books for Homeschool and art resources -

         Follow 's board Art Books for Homeschool on Pinterest.  

2nd grade -

         Follow 's board MODG 2nd grade on Pinterest.  

K-1 -

         Follow 's board MODG K-1 on Pinterest.  

Catholic College - info resources on most of the Newman Guide approved Universities -

         Follow 's board Catholic College on Pinterest.  

Shakespeare - resources for teaching the Bard -

         Follow 's board Shakespeare on Pinterest.  

Catholic Homeschooling - a group board by Homeschool Connections -

       Follow 's board Catholic Homeschooling on Pinterest.  

HOLIDAYS and SACRAMENTS will also appeal to the Catholic homeschooler.

In comments, please share any LINKS/PINS you recommend that could be added to these boards.


Dominika said...

Thank you for this post, Allison. I found so much inspiration here. Greetings from Poland!

Allison said...

Great Dominika, so glad you found the Pinterest boards helpful and that you found them from Poland. I liked seeing the photos on your blog and bet it was such a learning experience to live there!

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