like a Spider Monkey!

Today, firstborn son got a bit cantankerous with #2 son as our school day started. It brings us all down when they fight and say mean things about each other. I bowed my head in prayer and we prayed together trying to redirect the beginning of our day. Shortly after that I checked the DAILY DE SALES. Smiling, I summoned firstborn to read it.

Me: Hmmm, God's all over you today!

Firstborn: Yeah, he's coming at me like a spider monkey!

January 28

This poor life is only a journey to the happy life to come. We must not be angry with one another on the way, but rather we must march on as a band of brothers and sisters united in meekness, peace and love. I state absolutely and make no exception: do not be angry at all if that is possible. Do no accept any pretext whatever for opening your heart's door to anger. Saint James tells us positively and without reservation," ... a man's anger does not fulfill God's justice." [Jas 1:20] (INT. Part III, Ch. 8; O. III, p. 162)


Therese said...

I may need to show that to Tom. I just had to break up an aguement between him and his sisters. Hmm.

I have nominated your blog for an award. Please see my blog for details.

Anonymous said...

awesome, having my 11ds read it right now!

Chrismated in Coffeeland said...

My dc laughed so hard. My ds's nickname is monkey so dd agreed completely!

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