If you HAD to choose...

7:29 PM
If you HAD to choose one or the other would you choose...
  1. Thai or MEXICAN
  2. bubble bath or BACK MASSAGE, prefer foot actually....
  3. boots or SANDALS
  4. the 90% "pro-life" good chance or the 100% PRO-LIFE LONG SHOT(This is a hard one, but if everyone choose the 100% pro-life candidate, he would no longer be the "long shot!")
  5. a CRUISE SHIP or a mountain cabin
  6. ROME or Paris
  7. Ordinary or EXTRAORDINARY
  8. ROSARY or Stations
  9. SURF or hang glide
  10. Regal Cinemas or NETFLIX
  11. sweet or salty - BOTH!
  12. PEN or pencil
  13. HOW-TO BOOK or fantasy novel
  14. CROSSWORD or sudoku
  15. LOSE A LEG, God forbid or lose your sight
  16. NORTH or South
  17. a power outage at home or a DEAD CAR BATTERY AT COSTCO
  18. CLASSIC ROCK or country
  19. wool or LINEN
  20. lots of good friends or a FEW GREAT FRIENDS
  21. soup or SALAD
  22. Merlot or Chardonnay (MARGARITA??)
  23. Picasso or DA VINCI
  24. CHARADES or trivial pursuit
  25. Evangelical Protestantism or Orthodox Judaism (HOLY SPIRIT, CONVERT THEM BOTH PLEASE?)
  26. stone age or DARK AGE
  27. STEVEN SPEILBERG or Ken Burns
    Thermopylae or ALAMO, we're doing American History this year
  28. Big Foot or LOCH NESS MONSTER
  29. BABIES to hold AND TEENAGERS to mold

TAG, YOU'RE IT! Thanks to Shower of Roses.

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