Theme Thursday - Animals ... Squirrel Feast!

Posing for photographs, bunnies and squirrels are feasting right out our back door. We delight in watching them and their antics, taking note of their cues and behaviors. Our backyard is bursting with critters and that's not too surprising when you feed them well, like we do.  It does provide entertainment and, for the homeschooler, a lesson in observation.

You may remember from a previous post we've been feeding the squirrels and testing hypotheses.

Observing daily, taking copious notes, changing circumstances, testing theories we have come to some conclusions on what is the favorite food of our squirrels.  Google had us thinking it might be peanuts, but with an easy dish of peanuts in front of them, they'll still go to great lengths to get to the sunflower seeds.

They like their peanuts, too... especially when it's easy.

But usually they are at the peanuts if another squirrel is already in the "contraption." My son forked this pole into the lawn and duct-tapped a sand pail to it that he sprinkled some sunflower seed into. It's pretty comical seeing the gymnastics the furry friends resort to to get to their preferred meal.

The bunny, on the other hand, is certainly more dignified. He eats his clover without dramatics, usually sleepy-eyed. He perks up a bit and appreciates the random carrot we toss out.

Our squirrels have been, from the very beginning, our homeschool pets. They've been a part of our "schoolroom."

Watching their mannerisms we've been led to books, Youtube videos and google to find out what it means when they flick their tails or hold their hearts.

...And in doing so, they've won our hearts....

Joining Cari at Clan Donaldson this THEME THURSDAY-ANIMALS and adding a #QueenofMay image, because even Our Lady loved squirrels!


Christine said...

I am so glad you join Cari and the rest of us. It is good to see more of you!

Your pictures are so artsy-fartsy!

I like how you play with the colors.

I had never seen that last picture of Mary before. Thanks for sharing!

Natalie said...

I love your post! What wonderful homeschooling ideas too. Your editing on the pictures are really awesome. Something I wouldn't think of. =)

Chris said...

Love adorable!
Your shots are really cool....

happy you joined TT:)


TLW said...

Hi Allison,
We have our share of backyard critters even in our little urban oasis so I must ask you - what DOES it mean when the squirrels wag their tails? When the squirrel goes after the bird feeder and ignores the sunflower seeds I set out for her in a flower pot, I shoo her away and that she sits on the fence, staring at me and doing that thing with her tail. It's comical.

I could sit and watch them and the birds all day if I could. The best things in life ARE free :)

Jamie Jo said...

What a great picture of our Lady!!! How perfect for squirrels and May!

I love the test you did with your squirrels...great pictures too!

So happy you joined in too!

Mary said...

So many great pictures! And I love the picture of Our Lady.

Mary said...

So many beautiful pictures! I love the picture of Our Lady!

Allison said...

Christine, Chris, Joyce, Jamie Jo and Mary - Thanks.

Yes, I haven't been that regular in posting. I'm beginning to see a pattern that perhaps, maybe even more than Christmas, this time in May, as the school year winds down, I always feel busiest and scattered. Do you?

There's so much on the to-do list and it doesn't help that...yes, Christine, you nailed "farty-ness" drives me to edit and play with all my photos. But I do love too (said every addict)

Anyway, grateful that you all hang in there and put up with me.

Joyce, we learned via Discovery Kids that, "When a squirrel is alarmed, it flicks its tail; when it's feeling aggressive, it fluffs it up. During its breeding season, a squirrel will wave and shiver its tail while approaching the opposite sex. And yes, as you might imagine, a squirrel will also use its big, fuzzy tail to keep itself warm and toasty--it'll wrap its tail around itself like a built-in security blanket during wintertime. A squirrel will also use it to cool off during the summer. In hot weather, the tail becomes a sunshade for the squirrel and helps protects it from the sun's burning rays."

That your squirrel prefers the antics of getting seed from the birdfeeder rather than the easy spot you've left it out for them may suggest that perhaps they prefer the fun way?! Maybe we'll try that next.

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