Catholic Homeschool Support Groups on Facebook - UPDATED

If you are looking for support and Catholic homeschool info or advice please consider these links to active Facebook groups. 

These communities are helpful and connect to other Catholics and homeschoolers across the map offering support and sharing.  Your request for advice or help can be addressed in minutes from others like you all over the world, making home education even more doable!

Find the support and sharing you need with other Catholic homeschoolers on Facebook. There are a variety of groups. (UPDATED as of May, 2016)

+ Catholic Homeschool Moms over 3,500+ members

+ Catholic Homeschoolers of NorthEast (PA, NJ,DE,MD) over 214 members

+ MODG Moms over 900 members

+ SETON Homeschool Families over 765 members

+ Homeschool Connections 550+ members

+ KOLBE Academy Homeschool Families  over 440 members

+ Mater Amabalis(for Catholic Charlotte Mason approach) 1,700+ members

+Catholic Heritage Curricula 1000 members

+ Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool FB page over 1,600 This is where I share links of mine and others. SHAREWORTHY posts - Catholicism, Education, ProLife, LatinMass, PhotoMemes

+ I help moderate Homeschooling with Pinterest with over 17,000 members

+ Traditional Catholic Homeschooling Mothers has almost 1,000+members

+ Homeschooling with Youtube has over 8,500+ members

+ Homeschooling with Netflix 32,000 members!

Christian Homeschooling with Netflix, Amazon,
You Tube, Roku and MORE! 20,000+ members!

+ Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers over 267+ members

+ Freebies For Catholic Homeschool Families 

+ AND, for Google+ there's a Catholic Homeschool Community

AND, there are many others! Please add your favorites in comments.


Laura said...

Thanks, Allison :)

Maureen said...

This one isn't Catholic but I think it would appeal to a lot of Catholic homeschoolers. Collecting Vintage Children's Series Books.: It's so hard sifting through all the trash being published today, it's nice to have a group all about old books. :-)

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