My Homeschoolers Reciting Adoro Te Devote Prayer

He's 11 and she's 8 and they are goofballs!

They had been working on learning this prayer on the Eucharist but didn't quite have it memorized for today's feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Extraordinary Form.

The passionate and reverent words are meaningful to them and a more skilled director might have advised their performance better. But some cute bloopers ensue....
Adoro Te Devote (English version)
Attributed to St Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-1274)
Hidden here before me, Lord, I worship you,
Hidden in these symbols, yet completely true.
Lord, my soul surrenders,  longing to obey,
And in contemplation wholly faints away.
Seeing, touching, tasting; these are all deceived;
Only through the hearing can it be believed.
Nothing is more certain; Christ has told me so;
What the Truth has uttered, I believe and know.Only God was hidden when you came to die;
Human nature also here escapes the eye.
Both are my profession, both are my belief;
Bring me to your Kingdom like the dying thief.
I am not like Thomas, who could see and touch;
Though your wounds are hidden, I believe as much.
Let me say so boldly, meaning what I say.
Loving you and trusting, now and every day.
Record of the Passion when the Lamb was slain,
Living bread that brings us back to life again;
Feed me with your presence, make me live on you;
Let that lovely fragrance fill me through and through.
Once a nesting pelican gashed herself to blood
For the preservation of her starving brood;
Now heal me with your blood, take away my guilt;
All the world is ransomed if one drop is spilt.
Jesus, for the present seen as through a mask,
Give me what I thirst for, give me what I ask;
Let me see your glory in a blaze of light,
And instead of blindness give me, Lord, my sight.


Monique said...

That did a wonderful job! I'm sure you are extremely proud of them!

Jamie Jo said...

Oh, my gosh they were great!! They are so cute and innocent and sweet! Thanks for sharing!!

Kathy said...

That is wonderful. They did a great job!!!

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