St. Joseph & The Conclave

It occured to me today, as I read tweets about the Sistine Chapel closing and Cardinals meeting that the conclave will be soon.

The feast of St. Joseph is also approaching and he is the Patron of the Universal Church.  What a time to ask for his intercession!

The conclave and a new Pope could coincide with this feast...might a new Holy Father even choose the name Joseph? I see the hand of God in it all....

Pope Pius IX placed the whole Church under the Patronage of Saint Joseph in 1870.

In 1989, Pope John Paul II reflected deeply on the life and witness of Saint Joseph in Redemptoris Custos "Guardian of the Redeemer" (q.v).

Among the saints known to have had particular devotions to Saint Joseph are Saint Bernard, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Gertrude, Saint Bridget of Sweden, Saint Alphonsus and Saint Teresa of Avila.

In 2005, Pope Benedict XVI said that in a world which is "too noisy, and does not encourage reflection and listening to the voice of God", Christians should "allow themselves to be 'infected' by the silence of St Joseph".

In the silence of the conclave I will be praying to St. Joseph, for his


Rebecca Hill said...

Wow! Just imagine! Thanks for pointing this out!
Pax Christi,

jessica said...

Goodness! I never thought of that!! What a time to seek St. Joseph's intercession.

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing this insight, Allison..

God bless

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