The Altar Server Is A Catechism ~ Must See Video

A grateful surprise in my life, one that elicits tears of joy and awe, is the sight of my three sons...and husband... in service, on the altar, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

In fact, I believe God led us to this point. The parish we came to had older men serving and the time was coming for younger men to take the lead. And so an influx of young families came... somehow converged, hearts longing for reverence, to this Mass they had not grown up with. God instilled in my husband a great faith, like the one mentioned in this video below. (Tweeted by ) In our 8 years at this parish my husband, very early on, felt called to learn and then train our sons and others to serve the Traditional Latin Mass. This video is further training! 

Today, I will have my sons watch this video as a reminder of their great privilege and awesome responsibility.  Altar boy...YOU are a catechism!

The Mass IS a moment like no other, the representation of Calvary, the unbloody sacrifice and this is a video every Catholic Mass-goer should watch.


Now, after seeing it....ALL of us need to LIVE it! Lord, I pray to give You my full attention and reverence.


Jamie Jo said...

That was beautiful Allison! I'm going to show my son! (He is reverant, but we all need reminders)

Chris said...

Love this video, Allison.
Will definitely share this with my boys today.
It is absolutely wonderful. Your post, as very moving.

My 12 yo old, Allison, is lately very upset and disheartened by the lack of reverence that the whole altar server program in our parish is being given and asked my dh and I if it'd be disrespectful if he arranged a meeting with the pastor to this end....We are encouraging him. He'd like to ask if there can be regular meetings for the servers and if the servers can be given more guidance AND held more accountable, in terms of behavior and attire.....I feel if he watches this first, he will be more equipped to speak with the pastor...He's been serving for three years now and loves serving so very much but is feeling unsupported and let down that there's no follow-through with the clergy helping the servers, you know?
I appreciate this post so very much today.

Maxine said...

This was beautiful! We have been attending TLM for about a year and half now and I love seeing my 8 year old up on the altar. He learns so much about the Mass. Now he is a torchbearer at High Mass, but he has been diligently practicing his responses so that he can serve Low Mass too. I'm going to show this to him. Thank you for sharing it!

Janice Trinh said...

Beautiful! My son is only 18 months, but I can't wait for the day when he becomes an Altar Server. While I don't know how God is calling him, I know that by bringing him close to God in this way, I will be helping him to make the right choices as a Catholic person. I wish I could save this and show it to him when he can understand it someday!

Allison said...

Jamie - So glad you want to share it with your son, too. But like you said, it's for all of us. We all need to be reminded of Who is present on the altar.

Chris - what impresssive boys you take on such a goal and to care...THAT is moving and I wish him good luck and God's grace in this endevour! Thank you, always, for your kind words. And I thank God for the ways in which He makes things so timely and meaningful...and brings us together.

Maxine - My husband always has the altar boys in training sit up on the altar and follow along. I am amazed how quickly they learn the responses, too!

Janice - I think if you click LIKE under a YouTube video if saves to your favorites. Also, I use a site called RADBOX. It gives me a link on my toolbar and when I find a video I like I click on the link and it saves that video to my RADBOX. I can create files too, music, Catholic, educational and I can access my favorites from the site, anywhere. God bless you and your young son and family!

Laura O in AK said...

The video is fabulous as is the wonderful family photo. All those altar servers in your family have me longing for just ONE of my boys to feel called to that service.

Allison said...

With boys, sometimes you have to encourage(read "make") them do things.

We talked about this being their service, to God especially and a privilege unequal to any other.The older gentleman who served talked to them about being Knights of the Altar and a first line for the his secret service. Boys need to feel useful and important and masculine, right?

For 2 of them, they are more willing to be up there. And for the one who is not so willing, he has actually realized that serving can be a mortification of his will and in doing so....doing hard things...we grow in virtue and can gain stories of the saints.

I'd really recommend it!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I love this Post! Yes, Boys need to be constantly reminded and corrected. The young man in this video is the product of constant correction. God love you!

Mary Wert said...

My sons loved the video. It was shared with us by the man in charge of altar serving at the church where we attend the TLM. My sons were in awe and then the oldest asked, " Mom, think I only have blue dress pants. Please, you need to buy me some black pants right away!" I loved that!

Mary Wert said...

A great resource for all families and servers attending the beautiful timeless Extraordinary Form Mass.

Michel Felix said...

May you tell me what background song is that, please? ( The fisrt song at the beggining)

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