Moments of Grace - Ladylike Tea Time

Tea time.   Moments of Grace  sometime between 3-4pm.

Sometime after school.

Some time for me and my daughter.

My only daughter.

My daughter, who most times can be found playing on the stairs creating dialogue in an imaginary conversation between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  she has in her hands, may be wearing a TMNT costume while doing so. They are her characters of choice lately, more so than her dollies who get stair time less frequently. Other times she's playing Mario cart and so when she asks me for tea...leaving a little note on my desk, drawn with characters and conversation bubbles..saying "tea, please, Mom." I know the girly is poking out.

Together we get down the pretty pot, fill the creamer and get the silver tongs to extract the sugar cubes. I fill the kettle with water and we wait for it to "sing" to us. We pour it's steamy contents into the blue and white flowered pot  that is now holding Chai decaf tea and then we cover it with a cozie I crocheted  so the pot can steep, staying warm. While we wait, we talk in British accents. She becomes Lady Mary and I become Lady Jane and we talk about the loveliness of the day over our "spot'o tea." 


 All gentility...and grace...a Moment of Grace.

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I seek to capture the grace of this moment.  What graces are you appreciating?


Nancy Shuman said...

How lovely! Similar to what happened with my 6 year old granddaughter 2 days ago. She asked for chamomile tea with her lunch, "in one of your pretty cups, please Gramma." She got my very best. May our little loved ones remember these days :).....

Christine said...

That was so sweet.

Allison said...

Thanks Nancy and Christine.

Nancy you remind me that the tea service belongs to my husband's aunt, who we remember when we use it and it sits besides a collection of my grandmother's assorted tea cups and saucers. You are right...there is a legacy to it all.

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Angela Pea said...

How wonderful!

LuAnne M said...

How wonderful that you have these times with your daughter - you're building grace-filled memories for her too!



Mom2Seven said...

Very beautiful, Allison. Very beautiful! +JMJ+

TLW said...

How very sweet! What a special little girl you are blessed with, as she is likewise with you as her mom.

Chris said...


Arley said...

Oh my goodness, that is so precious. My girls are just now into "tea parties" They received a Disney Princesses tea set for Christmas and a princess table and chairs from my Mother as well. Every day it's "tea time" in their room. Too cute!

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