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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Homeschooling Statistics & 7 years of Days Shared, Learning

My MOST viewed blog post is the one entitled Incendiary, Pro-Homeschooling Quotes.

Recently, in reading a small book entitled Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling by Dr. Brian D. Ray of NHERI, I came across these interesting stats.

Seven years ago we embraced this choice and we find many graces from homeschooling. 
When we started

Days shared learning....


Nancy Shuman said...

I followed your link to your most viewed post, and can see why it's your most viewed post! Wow. Thank God for homeschooling, and I pray my own grandchildren are able to continue in it.

Chris said...

So informative, Allison! Thanks for the wealth of nuggets here...I mat "steal" some of these charts for my own use...:)

Mara said...

Your before and after pix are so precious. Pax

Allison said...

Thanks, friends and Nancy, you bring up a good point...we should pray that our grandchildren can homeschool!

Christina said...

These before and now pics are priceless! Love them.

Allison said...

Nancy, I pray for that, too. With all the statistics in favor of it, I hope "educators" will see the light.

Chris - as always, share away!

Christina and Mara - pictures like that are SO MOVING to me, glad you agree.