The Night's Magic Seemed to Whisper and Hush

Some families from our Homeschool group joined us for a Saturday night hayride and bonfire.

It was a perfect night, not too cold, no wind and a clear, starry sky.

The hay was soft and the bumpy ride had it's thrills.

Around the warmth of the bonfire we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. Ate s'mores and drank cider and hot chocolate. One of the moms told a scary story and the kids played flashlight tag and Ghost, Ghost, Midnight Ghost in the apple orchard.

A memorable Fall night.

On the hayride back to our cars, when it was really dark, one of the Dad's pointed out many constellations and stars. I think no one wanted to get off the tractor at that point.

"A fantabulous night... 'neath the cover of October skies," as Van Morrison would put it. "The night's magic seemed to whisper and hush."


kimberly said...

Oh, so lovely! Memories that last a lifetime...and so beautiful photos, too! Thanks for sharing...

Impatient Griselda said...

That sounds perfect. My kids keep bugging me to take them camping--dad says no way--and I need some opportunity to make s'mores for them. Hayride and bonfire--wow!

Mom2Seven said...

Great pictures... sounds like an awesome evening! +JMJ+

PattyinCT said...

How beautiful! We're going on a hay ride this coming Friday with our homeschooling group. We were supposed to go last Friday but got rained out. The farm (also owned by a homeschooling family) started a friendly wager to see who would go into labor first...Me...Or their cow who is "in the motherly way"! LOL! The farmer's wife already promised she'd help me start labor on the hayride by going over the extra ditches for me. I might have my husband take the kids;)
Love the autumn! What a great time of year eh?

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