Girl's Night

My husband and the boys went to a college ice hockey game.

Giddy and bouncing my daughter says to me, knowingly, "Girl's Night!"

She makes the list.

So we snuggle up to read Hercules and then it's off to the library.

On the way home we stop for dinner at Friendlys and color menus together. After dinner we go shopping for Boo baskets. All the while she chirps and chats, an adorable companion.

I anticipate so many more fun outings with her, my daughter.

Some of her plans have to wait for Saturday, it's late and we want to snuggle some more and make the fun last for another day. Tomorrow we'll paint nails and drink lemonade with sugar cubes, making it a tea party of sorts.

Saturday is also beauty day. She luxuriates in the jacuzzi tub in bubbles. She calls it her mermaid bath. After her soak I lather her in lotion, beauty shop her hair and spray her with perfume.

Ahhh, the estrogen!


Enjoy your weekend.


Kelly said...

Beautiful! I love it - what a wonderful weekend together!

Mary said...

How wonderful!!! I thoroughly enjoy my girl time with my daughter too - you have so much to look forward to - it just keeps getting better.

Jamie Jo said...

Ahhh, now that is just beautiful!!

I love her planning and writing it all down. How much fun you must have had and what a sweet memory for her (and you)

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