Sweet Blog Award and ? Meme

7:43 PM
The adorable blog, A Slice of Smith Life tagged me for the The Sweet Blog Award. (<---see directions here)

Tracy, considering how much you've put into your blog for you to say mine is sweet makes my day, thanks!

She also tagged me in a Questions Meme.

1. Why do you blog? What's the number one reason you keep on blogging?

Good question! I do have a reason. In the beginning, and as we started homeschooling, a blog was like a photo-journal, an online scrapbook. It was the easiest way I had found to chronicle our daily happenings, our spiritual journey, the events of our times and what makes us who we are as a family. Every year I print my blog into a hardbound book to preserve those captured memories. So it was for us, to read and remember....that's number one.

Today, going on year 4, blogging has added dimensions. It's still an outlet of self expression but also a community to me. Friends. Like minded friends have been made and I treasure our conversations between blogs. They engage me in their faith life and ideas on parenting and educating. The outreach to others has been an unpredicted blessing.

2. What's your favorite holiday? Why?

I do luv thanksgiving. Why? Truthfully, some of the reasons are lazy ones. There isn't as much decorating craziness and no present shopping to break the bank. It's about thanks and gratitude and family. Hey, who can ignore all the good food? It's a recipe legacy from each family member, a gastronomical history of a family!

But how can it compare to Christmas, the incarnation? The Holiness and magnitude of that event brings me to tears. The music and all that leads up to it through Epiphany is all wonderful....despite the machine that tries to rob it of it's focus.

3. Have you ever met any of your blog followers in "real" life that you didn't know prior to blogging?

Yes! First I met my dearest Amy from Five Monkeys, A Princess and A Pea. Around the same time I met Michelle, whose blog I followed but Family Centered Press doesn't blog anymore. :(

This summer I met beautiful Ruth .
I believe in my heart that someday I will meet a few other kindred spirits, Renee , Kimberly, Jenny, Sarah, Jamie and Christine...please Lord?

(And by the way girls mentioned above, you are now all tagged in this meme and my sweetest bloggers awards go to you!)

4. Where is your favorite place to be with your family?

Mass. Watching my sons on the altar, holding my girl kissing her mantilla head, that's peace!

....Other than together laughing in our home....

Great questions, Tracy.

I must use some of yours and here are the other questions I send out to the gals above....

1. What does blogging mean to you?

2. What bloggers have you met in real life?

3. Now, a loaded one...What lessons do you think God is bringing to you this year?

4. Saint Junkie that I am...What Saint would you have liked to have known and learned beside?

Can't wait to read you answers!


Gardenia said...

you do have a wonderful blog. I look forward to your posts.

Jamie Jo said...

Thank you so much! I do hope we meet someday too!!

I like what you said about Thanksgiving, so very true!
I love it too, but it's so much work...can you tell I host it?

I'll try very hard to post this.....

Mom2Seven said...

Tracy is sweet, and she DOES put a lot of effort into her blog. I enjoy your blog very much... sharing about your family, but also all the good Catholic information you pass along. +JMJ+

Christine said...

I would so love to met you also. Have tea. Go to Mass together and hit that cool beach you go to on vacation!

I will try this meme. Looks like fun!

Renee said...

Love this! Thanks so much for the tagging. Will try to post, still have out of town guests for now.

We will meet my friend. I want to go to mass and invoke our favorite saints while there with all the smells and the bells surrounding us. I want to surf that beach you vacation on, never mind just hitting it, I want to ride it! Oh, and it will just have to be hockey season too, will bring my jersey to wear. LOL Hugs!

kimberly said...

Allison...you truly do epitomize "sweet!" And I'm so sorry that I'm just catching up on this. I keep thinking that perhaps I'll step off the path of suffering for a few days and, Lo, apparently I've a bit farther to travel!

How I'd love to meet you! I think we'd probably talk for hours and hours...and drink a whole lot of coffee! I'll try to get to the meme shortly...what a nice way to get to know one another better!

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