Bumper Stickers on the Popemobile

6:32 PM
from CatholiCity.com

Adorning that blessed "ride":

Question Authority. Ask Me Anything

Infallibility on Loan from God

God REALLY IS My Co-Pilot

Honk if You Pray the Rosary

Choose ETERNAL Life

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Cross

All Roads Lead to Rome

Say Mass, Not War

Give Me Confession or Give Me Death

I Brake for Souls

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Bible On Board

My Other Car is Also a Popemobile

From Germany With Love

I'll Never Get to Meet the Pope Because I Am the Pope

Livin' the Vida Papa!

Hang Up and Pray

Sin Happens

Make My Day. Kiss My Ring!

I'd Rather Be Saying Mass

Honor Student in the College of Cardinals

Which one is your favorite?


Gardenia said...

these are great. I like the first one, because he is not afraid to answer questions, to explain, and teach. Love the papa!

Dawn said...

I love "God REALLY IS my co-pilot!"

Sarah Oldham said...

Honk if you pray the rosary. BEEP BEEP!!

Impatient Griselda said...

Love that first one. In a world that balks at any hint of authority, I love having a central figure that can say NO and explain why anytime, anywhere. Awesome.

Melissa from MN said...

I love them all - how wonderful! Thanks for sharing these bumper stickers. My favorites are:
Honk if You Pray the Rosary
Speak Softly and Carry a Big Cross

Cecilia said...

That was great. I like.. Hang up and pray!

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