Thankful Thursday ~ Memory Bears

3:41 PM
About 15 years ago, I guess, a friend told me about a business she was promoting. When a loved one died this business would make a Memory Bear. Special fabric, pertinent to the deceased, could be used to create the Bear and personalize it.

I remembered this.

When my dear Nana died and we were packing up her house I ran across a bolt of the fabric used to upholster much of her beautiful bedroom and it's furniture. It was soooo Nana. My Sister-in-law was with me at the time and I whispered to her, "Don't ask any questions, just help me get this past my Mother and my Sister without them noticing!"

I have a dear friend who can sew beautifully. Remember my daughter's Mary dress? She made that too. I asked her if she could use Nana's fabric to make Memory Bears, like ones I found to show her online.

She did!

I gave one to my Mother, to my teen cousin-a grandchild very special to my Nana, to my Sister and to my Brother's well as one for me/us. I knew we'd be comforted to have a Nana Bear to hug when we missed her.

You see, Nana loved bears. She even collected bears. She was as cuddly as one, too.

I think my friend did an EXCELLENT job! In fact, I'd put you in touch with her if you wanted to have a Memory Bear made. Email me, off blog, at CatholicHomeEdotyahoodotcom to privately send me your email and I'll put you in touch with her.

Friend, if your reading this I am so thankful for your talent in making these bears. My sister called me today crying over hers. God is using your talents to comfort the bereaved.

I am also so thankful that despite my lack of a green thumb, Nana's African Violets are blooming magnificently on my kitchen window sill and they give me such joy all day, everyday.


Sarah - Kala said...

Not only is this sweet and thoughtful, but it's sentimental and lovely! Wonderful and they look marvelously well done!

Renee said...

Beautiful! Tears have visited my eyes and made them all leaky. What a lovely idea, so very precious. Love them! Makes me want a bear all my own. sniff..

Cecilia said...

They are beautiful! What a wonderful idea!!

Nadja Magdalena said...

the bears are a terrific idea! they turned out so well...

Sarah said...

The bears are wonderful!

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