Attire in Pope's Lateran Basilica ~ Mother knows best!

Nothing sleeveless and bare shouldered, nothing short....

Before my mother returned to her faith, her bible was the one of "good breeding". Emily Post and proper etiquette informed, and my mother always reminded, that it was poor taste to bare your shoulders in a church. Today, I am sure, that has all been overturned to conform to modernism and fashion and those all important "feelings" rather than the standard and "silly" respect of reverence in the presence of God.

What has happened to our good the word SHAME? Does it still exist? Parents, do you no longer see modesty/proper dress as one of the character traits to teach your children? And if you deem charity more important to teach, isn't there a charity in proper attire that does not distract from worship?

God deserves better in His house.

Our Lady always appears modestly dressed.

I am reminded of 2 quotes from a previous post - "I guess when it comes to dressing for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we all need to look at our own motives for wearing or not wearing certain things in the light of is this the BEST we have to offer Our Lord?"

and, "Why does our culture, and even those Catholics with good intentions, always reduce everything to the lowest possible standard? Mainly because we are too concerned with "feelings..."

I am grateful for the MANY lessons my mother taught me. I may not have liked them at the time, but she stuck to her ideals. When she came back to her faith and I was lost, again I did not appreciate her motivation to consider Catholicism and life beyond my own selfish desires, wanting things easy, worldly and my way - requiring no sacrifice or hardship, no mortification of my will...yet all the things Christ lived. And again, she stuck it out in love and prayer....and it made all the difference.

Thank you, Mother.


Suzie said...

I so agree! As a young girl, probably 7 or 8, I once wore a sundress to Sunday Mass(I'm certain my mother didn't see my dress before leaving home - I was the oldest & I'm sure she was distracted with readying my younger siblings). I remember feeling that I wasn't dressed appropriately, and I've never gone sleeveless, again. Just in the past few years, I've seen plenty that should be considered embarassing for the wearer in Mass. That doesn't even count all that is inappropriate outside of Mass!

Aussie Therese said...

I totally agree. I have dressed my girls in sleeveless dresses before in summer. I didn't realize that it was inappropriate. My mother always dressed my sisters and I in sleeveless dresses for church so I hadn't ever questioned it. I will certainly change that now.

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks for commenting, ladies. So nice to "see" you.

Therese - you bring up an excellent point...what if you don't know? Let us pray for our priests to teach their flocks reverence.

I think this is a helpful sign and I've heard that some parishes put reminders in their bulletins. Our shepherds are supposed to lead, let us continue to pray for them.

Christine said...

I love a woman who sticks to "her ideals!" We need more of'em out there like her.

God Bless your mother!

Vicki said...

Amen to that. Our pastor keeps the church so cold that people rarely wear sleeveless anymore, and I avoid the teen Mass as well.

But one of my pet peeves is sleeveless wedding gowns. It seems that this is all that's out there anymore. Don't these people realize that they are making their vows before God, as well as a vowed celebate!!

Gae said...

We have always insisted on approriate clothing (for Church) and then Mass. We are Catholics as of only 3 years ago.
Our girls wear skirts and at least short sleeve shirts/blouses. We also wear Mantillas. The only ones in our Non Traditional church. Our boys wear trousers, dress shirts and ties with sports coats (in winter)for older. and the younger boys wear pants and dress shirts.
We have always ahd the phrase we are dressing for our King and woiuld not visit in everyday clothes.
I have loved finding your blog and reading about all the things I agree with in tradtion and faith.

God Bless

Sarah said...

Have you read "Dressing With Dignity" by Colleen Hammond? The principal at my daughters' school gave it to me. In school, on non-uniform days (which are rare), the girls have to wear modest dresses or skirts, and the boys cannot wear jeans. Parents are encouraged to "dress up" for official school functions, meaning women are encouraged to only wear dresses or skirts. It may seem a bit radical, but I appreciate it, especially in helping me raise my children ... Anyway, the book really opened my eyes to the issue of modesty, not only in church, but in life. I thought I was dressing modestly, but I have become even more mindful.

+JMJ+ said...

Sarah - I am always so thrilled to hear about your parish and school. You are very lucky!

Coincedentially, I am currently reading Dressing With Dignity. I had read a lot of online info before (linked in my other posts on modesty) and this book is resonating as well!

Our role model. Mary, always appears modestly and was quoted by the children of Fatima as saying God was displeased and offended (even then!) by modern fashions!

We were created female, and should celebrate our differences and feminity not adopt an androgenous or masculine image. We veil what is sacred. When a King seeks to look important, or a judge, they wear robes and Mary always appears that way.

Interesting, isn't it?

Melissa said...

I was always taught to dress appropriately for church as a young girl. So when I started going back to church again a few years ago I was surprised by how casual people dressed. And I'll admit I thought it must be a Catholic thing. I grew up Protestant.
I can't wear sleeveless dresses/shirts in church without taking a little sweater to cover up. But I see a lot of young girls wearing tank tops or spaghetti straps and it's no big deal to them (or their parents I guess).
I'll admit that through the years I have become a bit more relaxed in my attire because NO ONE dresses up for Mass in our community unless they are 90 years old. Around here it's casual nice. And that is even pushing it for some people.
Last Sunday I wore a pair of shorts that go to my knees and didn't think about it until I entered church and realized "Oh no. I wore shorts! They wouldn't even let me in the Vatican with these on." Trust me, they are conservative shorts, but shorts just the same. But no one seemed to notice - probably because it is 105+ degrees right now.
I enjoyed your post. People should dress a little more conservatively for church, but I know where I live in California people lean towards casual for everything.

Sarah said...

In HI, I have noticed everyone dresses all over the spectrum. But, we can still set a standard and example.

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