He created them male and female - vive la differance!

Interesting reading on celebrating femininity in dress and mindset....what would MARY wear?





I must add a comment from a friend ... "I guess when it comes to dressing for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we all need to look at our own motives for wearing or not wearing certain things in the light of is this the BEST we have to offer Our Lord?"

How true for me. When I dressed differently than I do now, it was based on MY comfort and that's the sin of Sloth. It is my goal now to CELEBRATE the way God made me, and show my children a model of femininity. I do love my jeans.... It's going to be hard, a mortification of my will....so I know it's worth it!

Another friend wrote, "Why does our culture, and even those Catholics with good intentions, always reduce everything to the lowest possible standard? Mainly because we are too concerned with "feelings"..."


Ruth said...

These are great links!!!!! I especially love the second one.

Mary Vitamin (Helen) said...

Thanks for the link to my blog!

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