Where's the Beef? And other ponderings on reclaiming our Catholic identity.


Kimberly said...

Outstanding, AG!! That Porterhouse analogy nearly did me in...

It's really amazing...I realize that our Lord has given us the great and beautiful gift that is the TLM because He knows His children so very well.

Surround me with the common, the banal, the only-moderately-urbane, the mundane...and I slip into commonality, banality, urbanity...and it all seems so very mundane.

Surround me with beauty, with elegance, with holiness and reverence and I reach higher and higher to become that which surrounds me.

Not to mention my Good God deserves nothing less!!!

Great post...

+JMJ+ said...

Wow, Kimberly! Leave it to your gift with words to compact this message into it's essential beauty!

Well said.

Elevate me!

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