Unicef, March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen - all abortion supporters!

12:37 PM

Isn't it sad that companies you would want to support, that SHOULD be proLIFE, support the abortion industry and the death merchants of planned parenthood?!

UNICEF- "UNICEF Calls for Legal Abortion in Dominican Republic
By By Piero A. Tozzi, J.D. and Paola Ocejo
(NEW YORK – C-FAM) Despite direct intervention by a top United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) official, the Dominican Republic appears poised to adopt a new constitution that protects human life “from conception until death.”
While Dominican lawmakers were debating the merits of such a provision and the nation’s penal prohibition of abortion, Nils Kastberg, UNICEF’s regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean,
interjected himself, calling on Dominican legislators to consider liberalizing abortion"....read more at http://www.c-fam.org/

MARCH OF DIMES - http://www.lifeissues.org/marchofdimes/index.html
The MOD began its "Screening to Kill program" or "Search and Destroy" operations with the creation of so-called "genetic hygiene" or "genetic counseling" centers at major medical institutions throughout the United States. Here, pregnant women thought to be at risk for certain genetic disorders such as Down syndrome or Tay Sachs disease could undergo prenatal diagnosis via mid-trimester amniocentesis, abort any suspected "defective" fetuses, and carry to term only "normal" progeny. Such eugenic-based programs presupposed the existence of liberal abortion laws permitting abortion well into the second and if necessary third trimester of pregnancy. [5]

SUSAN G. KOMEN - Susan G. Komen for the Cure awarded 72 grants to Planned Parenthood afflilates during the years 2000 through 2005 here and here Komen claims that money raised by affiliates who give money grants to Planned Parenthood is for breast services only. However, Planned Parenthood documents in its 2005-2006 annual report that 9,900 more abortions were performed and 81,500 fewer breast exams were provided in 2005 than in 2004.

ALTERNATE BREAST CANCER ORGANIZATIONS: Click here for breast cancer organizations that do NOT support abortion facilities or destructive human embryo experimentation.

Sadly, you even have to be careful about buying those GIRL SCOUTS cookies..... their promotion , of the sexually explicit book, It's Perfectly Normal to 10-14 year old girls is shocking.


Sarah (JOT) said...

I knew about these. I keep telling people, but some don't listen. We have to keep telling people and offer alternatives just as you did here.

Leticia said...

Same here, Sarah. You look like a fink if you refuse to buy GS cookies. Oh well, keep telling the truth and eventually the truth comes out.
It did with Reiki.

carmelitemom said...

So glad you posted this Allison. I have known about these companies for some time. I am going to post a link on my blog to this blog post.

Therese said...

Thanks for posting this, especially the link to breast cancer support outside of Komen...

Jamie said...

I knew about these too, but last I checked Girl Scouts was still contributing to Planned Parenthood too.

Also add American Diabetes and Juvenile Diabetes Oh, and MS, big time

amy said...

I knew about Komen, but certainly did not know about March of Dimes or UNICEF. Thanks for getting the word out!

PS. I am realllllllly looking forward to Saturday and meeting you in person. See you then!

PPS Your Eater family picture is just beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

I knew about these & my husband recently made a public (at work) stand about NOT donating to March of Dimes. So Sad and actually worse. There is evidence that they do their research on the toxicity of medications by recruiting women who plan to abort, have them sign up for a study, take said medication and then medically induce abortion so that they can see if the meds reached or damaged the fetus.
I hate that I have even tangentially benefitted from their "research"

kimberly said...


Thanks for the reminder...

It's truly sickening how these organizations supposedly dedicated to children and women's health issues are big time dealers in death.

A few years ago I had to engage in hand-to-hand combat with our former parish DRE. She was only too happy to pass out those UNICEF boxes at Halloween and was a fervent supporter of the United Nations. It was only when I printed up a copy of the Church's stance on UNICEF and threatened to report her failure to comply to the Bishop that she finally backed off.

We can never tire of telling people the truth...thank you for being such a tireless defender of the unborn!!

God bless you!

Sara said...

I took my oldest out of Girl Scouts years ago when I read the Jr. handbook and found out their policies on lesbians & PP. I refuse to buy GS cookies now, too.

Fortunately, my parish has a small (& hopefully growing) American Heritage Girls troop which is the Christian answer to scouting. Check them out!

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