Autumn Passes Quickly #3

4:18 PM

Not in peak here yet, but some colorful Fall images are cathcing my eye.

On a clear, blue sky day the children noticed from the school room windows that turkey vultures were eerily occupying a dying tree in the woods in front of our house.

Such a menacing image of death...dead tree and those that eat the dead...

As the sun set on our day, it put a lovely glow on the tree by the playground that is in spectacular bloom.
The glow was available also at the front of the house.
And, later it seemed the full moon was upon us!
What's Fall like where you are? Would you like to join me, throughout Autumn, in posting photos of the Fall?

We can call it AUTUMN PASSES QUICKLY posts and include the graphic at the top. Let me know if you're joining in and I'll put your blog on my sidebar.


Cecilia said...

I really love your pictures here! You have a great eye!

I have to post something of autumn soon before it leaves us qquickly!

Jamie said...

I'll try, I'm not that good with blog deadlines though...but I have been taking pictures of the fall...since I can't picture my kids!!!

Great moon picture!

Becki said...

Loved the photos!!! You live in an area that displays an absolutely beautiful change of season. I would like to visit a place like that someday--a place that actually has 4 distinct seasons. Here in Texas we have about 1 week of real winter--which is spread out through the season, a month of spring a month of autumn and 9 months of summer--it's almost impossible to live here without a pool. The other days are hurricane season. Today is a nice fall day--it's overcast but cool enough to open the windows and enjoy the breeze which means it's below 80 finally. We feel blessed for today because the high tomorrow is expected to be back near 80 and climbing. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Heather said...

Gorgeous photos! Stunning, really!!
Thanks for sharing them,

Jennifer said...

The moon - wow! I miss Autumn so...

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