The Piano Teacher

Oldest son, age 13 is teaching youngest son, age 7, the piano! I enjoy him noting the hardships of teaching a student who gets dramatically frustrated. As in all things, for all of us, God has a sense of humor in showing us our own failings in others. :) The teachers are learning from the students.

My husband is very musical and it seems to be passing on in our children.

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Melissa from MN said...

I remember trying to teach my little sister to play. She got so upset when I'd correct her or ask her to try something. WEll, a few piano lessons from another teacher and self-practice, and at 20 years old she can play almost any song by sound and she is [hard to admit] better than me!

Now I am teaching me 6 year old daughter through the Alfred Sacred series, and it's going well so far - but I'm not going to get my hopes too high! :)

BTW- your piano area looks so much like mine!

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