The eternal responsibility of parents

3:55 PM

A Dartmouth Medical School survey reported in the journal, Pediatrics , surveyed 6,522 children ages 10-14 whether they had seen 40 violent, R-rated movies, many being shown on cable TV.

The most popular title, Scary Movie, had been seen by nearly half (48.1%) of the children! Those who had seen violent, R-rated movies were significantly more likely to have a television in their bedroom and to report that their parents ALLOWED them to watch R-rated movies.

When did parents give up on parenting?!

Here's MORE ...and from the Rule of St. Benedict.... "We should always remember that we will be held accountable on Judgment Day for our teaching" and "any lack of good in our students will be held as our fault." In the same way as a father will have to render account for the souls of his children, a teacher will have to render account for the souls of his students. How frightening to realize that we may go to Hell because of the sins of our students! However, "we shall be held innocent in the Lord’s judgment if we have done all within our power to overcome the corruptness and disobedience of our students." Yes, we will only be responsible for the loss of our students if we are guilty of a grave negligence (e.g., showing them bad example, not teaching them the truth ―and being aware of it). So let us be faithful to our mission.

Reminds me of the story of Padre Pio refusing to hear the confession of a woman because he had one of his visions. He saw her children in hell, because of her neglect and leniency.

For children and parents, the repercussions are eternal!


Charlotte said...

Oh that people could see down the road what their choices will ultimately bring. I shudder to think of what these kids believe is OK as concerns morality, etc., given what they're watching today....when I KNOW what people of my age (child of the 70s/80s) got involved with as a result of the things we watched, which by today's standards are considered tame.

Wendy in VA said...

Great post, Allison! Sometimes it's hard being so far out of the mainstream, but when you remember what's at stake...

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