The Golfing Padre

Change of plans.

At our homeschooler's First Friday Mass Father told me that Sunday would be better and so today Father came to lunch!

For all of you who helped me with ideas for a Friday dinner, thank you!

I ended up serving a crab quiche, garden salad and fresh fruit salad and it was a beautiful day. It was so nice to have Father to ourselves. Often, seminarians are quoted as saying that priests were very "real" to them and visited their homes. Today my children enjoyed hearing stories about Poland, Africa, and Medjugorje. They were able to hear about the sports Father played and his family, the saints he admired and his love for the priesthood.

What they continue to notice is the glow they say emanates from him. They ask, "Can you ever imagine Father Andrew talking in an angry voice?" They asked, "Does Father ever say no?" "No, " he told us, "what would be the point?" Quickly followed by, " unless it would be going against Church teaching!"

And, he lives that.

When I emailed him with the request , as I requested all the men and teens in my son's life to write my eldest on his 13th birthday with their words of wisdom, he must have been away. He called me after his birthday and apologized for missing it but...could he come over!

Not only does he always say yes...he goes BEYOND. He gifts us with MORE than we asked for...that's a spiritual who emulates the Father Above!

But about the above picture and post title, my youngest wanted Father to play some golf in the backyard. Never playing before there was still no hesitation to his "of course!" Father swung away, doing well. He promised my youngest son he'd be back to play again. Experience tells me he will keep that promise.

We can't wait! God Bless you Father Andrew. Let us all lift a prayer for the priesthood.

Close your eyes...right now.... Hail Mary.....


Anonymous said...

Oh, fun! It sounds like it went so well. I've been checking back this afternoon to see how it all went! --Lindsay

Christine said...

I like the wisdom box idea. I just might have to steal that for my first born will turn 13 this coming Jan.

They do grow up so fast.

Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday from wonderful parents.

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