And so it begins....he turns 13 !

My eldest turned 13 today...

So hard to believe in many ways, so evident in others.

Soon he'll be taller than me. He's really quite remarkable and I so admire who he is. It is my prayer that he exits the teen years certainly with the confidance only experience can bring but with much the same goodness and character that he has today!

Stay true to yourself, son.

If you were reading last year, you'd know how we celebrate birthdays. (You'd also know what I mean by the title..."and so it begins." We're about to get slammed! Four birthdays will be celebrated under this roof in a span of 17 days.)

This year he chose....

Birthday Breakfast: Reese's puff cereal (a once a year treat)

Birthday Lunch : French dip toaster sandwich from Arby's

Birthday activity : Ice hockey

Birthday dinner : marinated, grilled, frenched lamb chops with corn, caesar salad, baguette's with bruschetta followed by make-your-own-Sundaes! (He'll never have room for it all!)

Presents: Just about every training item from and the Words of Wisdom Box.

I think the real treasure will be the Words of Wisdom letters. I asked our families and special men in my son's life to write to him with their advice, or favorite quotes or memories of the teenage years to mark this milestone. When he opens this box and sees how he has been honored I am sure it will be very meaningful to him! I have seen some of these letters and they are all so exceptional, a few...unforgettable! I suspect that every time he revisits the box, these words of wisdom, support from those he loves and admires, will mean more and more to him...

Birthday Verse - Matthew 7:24 Every one therefore that heareth these my words, and doth them, shall be likened to a wise man that built his house upon a rock.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to your son! :) Sounds like he had a wonderful day.

(And, that IS a lot of birthdays you have coming up, isn't it!?!)

Cecilia said...

Happy Birthday to your son! I love the menu for the day! He will turn out great especially with a father like his! God bless him!

Kelly said...

Oh, how wonderful! Sounds like a fantastic day!

I LOVE the idea of the letters - I think I'm going to file that one away for when my tween becomes a teen!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Will. The Remaleys will keep you in our prayers today.


Renee said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to the new teenager. Wow, the road ahead will fly now, enjoy your teens. :-) I like the idea of the men passing along advice, like a rite of passage and the wisdom box link is great (and of course, so it the hockey link. I'll have to share that one with my boys).
You have a lovely family, blessings to all of you this day. And heh, what a yummy menu! He really knows how to pick em. LOL

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