Hearer AND Doer

Birthday Verse - Matthew 7:24 Every one therefore that heareth these my words, and doth them, shall be likened to a wise man that built his house upon a rock,
Omnis ergo qui audit verba mea haec et facit ea adsimilabitur viro sapienti qui aedificavit domum suam supra petram

Our oldest turned 12 and this "birth-verse" is a prayer that he will be a "hearer" AND a "doer"...a WISE man with a firm foundation. God Bless you son! The night before, in fact, he recieved a thorough, altar Christi blessing after the Miraculous Medal novena and rosary.

Popsy, and our 12 year old and the Dad spent a good part of the day playing 18 holes. The Birthday boy parred the last 2 holes! While he was gone his brothers did his chores and with some friends cleared trails in the woods. The birthday boy came home to a surprise moutain bike ride on a new forest course. He was thrilled.

A tradition from my mother continues. The birthday boy chose all his meals. For breakfast it was Reese's cereal and lunch in the golf clubhouse. For dinner, he requested grilled frenched lamb chops , corn on the cob and salad. Everyone at the table took a turn appreciating and blessing him at grace. For dessert, he asked me to make a cake in a special form I have that allows ice cream to be inserted in the inside, oreo icecream. It really was soooo good. With all that energy, a big neighborhood kickball game ensued in the cul-du-sac. It might just have been his perfect day...

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