Unbelievable Meme & Geek photo

9:39 PM

- Once do a "stand up"/report for NBC news on the White House lawn?

- Choose the new faces at a NYC top Modeling agency?

- Talk to Warren Beatty on the phone during casting of Dick Tracy?

- "Come out"/Debut at an international debutante ball in NYC's then Plaza Hotel?

Hard to believe....
Especially after you come across your geek picture from the 70's. Sigh.

Tag yourself and share with me your most surprising, or unbelieveable past and you must include the geek shot for humorous contrast!
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Alice Gunther said...

I love the photo! I think I once had a shirt and vest just like that!

So, let me get this straight, did you really do all those things? If so, I want to hear more!

+JMJ+ said...

Yes. And the Dorothy Hamel haircut and ladybug, that's right, ladybug earings to match my red outfit...similarily, be today's fashions I am still a nerd. Nerdy and loving it. :)

srq said...

If you want to know where those earings are and several other of your prized posessions they are in the attic. Probably the vest and shirt are also there... Also, I think you look cute in that picture...but what do I know?

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks Mom...you continue to be great at bolstering self-esteem. (wink)

Wow, I think this is your 1st post!

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