Week One of Our Beach Vacation ~ Music SlideShow

We have been having our usual, glorious time at the Shore with our family.  There is something so restorative about this time.

Here's a musical slide show from Week One.


Nancy Shuman said...

Beautiful! Wanted it to go on longer!

Billie Jo said...

That is beautiful! So glad you are enjoying your family time. : )

Christine said...

The kids, bird eating stuff, the photo-bomb cartoon..and black and white AND all the pictures were cool..and rainbow too!

Unknown said...

Very nice! We moved out of state but will be back to LBI NJ this summer! It would be great to have a Catholic homeschool week at the beach.

Chris said...

Awesome video, Allison! So happy you;re all enjoying your time together.
That is SO how we feel about our few days in the Adirondacks. It's rally the only span of time all year where e have nothing scheduled but a refocus on the family....games, swimming, boating, stargazing. So quiet too.

Looking fwd to the next installment of the slide show...Keep em coming!
Love ya

Allison said...

Thanks, friends. I was just talking to the kids about how these snapshots capture a moment in time that we'll never get back. When I try to remember my Nana it is not as clear as looking at photos of her, that always helps. When I look back on these family photos...of this time...I see such contentment togetherness and happiness and I pray that is what my children see when they do this long after I am gone.

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