Catholic Homeschool Curriculum Providers Embracing Online Classes - Making Highschool DOABLE!

In the footsteps of  Mother of Divine Grace, other Catholic homeschool curriculum providers must be noting how desirable and effective online classes are for Catholic homeschool students.  

For instance, now Kolbe is also offering such courses. Homeschool Connections specializes in it (and has an EXCEPTIONAL teaching staff) and also entering the "playing field" is Angelicum Academy Seton is offering video tutorial lectures which accompany the curriculum. (We use video tutorials in math, too with Teaching Textbooks and Saxon Teacher.)

(MODG and Homeschool Connections also have classes for parents, VIDEOS and summer classes and WEBINARS, too!)

My teens/high schoolers have been taking such classes for a combined 6 years now.  Having heard other moms rave about the lectures, class involvement, interacting with other homeschoolers around the US as well as with a "teacher," we decided to try this resource out.  We have not been disappointed! 

THIS is how high school is doable for us! My oldest son just graduated from Mother of Divine Grace and will be attending Franciscan University in Ohio.

With MODG, my sons have benefited from Latin courses, History courses, Biology, Chemistry and Health classes. They log into an adobe account, put on headphones with a mic and enter a virtual classroom, where dialogue and student participation ensues. Classes begin with Catholic prayer. They laugh, they learn, they answer questions, give presentations, they talk about the class afterwards with me.  I can assist their education in areas that I am not as strong as the teachers who teach them.

I would encourage and recommend that Catholic homeschool parents check out these online courses ESPECIALLY if they think..." I can't TEACH THAT?!"

and my friend Lori mentioned

There has never been a better or easier time to homeschool! Be not afraid.

Are you aware of more resources?  Please share in comments?


Anonymous said...

I have looked into these for our boys, but the cost of one class can be as much as registering them for the whole year with a provider ... unfortunately its just not an affordable option for some.

Patty said...

I really needed this "reassurance" , Allison, especially with my oldest entering her freshman year this coming school year. We are enrolled with Seton so I'm hoping that the tutorial videos are going to help ease my fears as well as really assist my daughter, especially in areas where I am weak. We do have some great co-op high school classes, but they are a distance across the metroplex and it is hard to juggle those and a bunch of other kiddos who are younger, one needing a nap.

Jen said...

Seton has been a huge benefit to our family, especially this year with my being pregnant and not being as available as I would like in regards to school. My sixth grader was having some issues with English, and she was able to call the Seton counselor and get help over the phone (Grammar was not something I could think about post partum!). She got an A for the year with their help. With my oldest halfway through middle school, high school is something is something I am worried about. Especially with having two special needs children to take care of as well.

Jill L said...

Thank you!! I have started looking into homeschooling with my kids. I really want to stick with a Catholic education.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the resources. I found another online catholic school called GRACE catholic online . I believe it's for 6th grade and up.(I could be wrong) Its kind of expensive but maybe worth looking into.
I use Seton for my 5th grader. We like it. They provide support and lesson plans And all mamaterials.

Maria said...

Queen of Heaven Academy is another. It serves students in grades 4-12. Also, Homeschool Connections offers very affordable, unlimited access to pre-recorded classes for $30//month.

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