Upholding Purity in Catholic Classrooms

Dear friends with children in Catholic schools, please visit this blog.

Josie has amassed an arsenal of advice for dealing with the scandal of sex-ed in your children's classroom.

From Creative Minority Report blog, Won't You Be My Neighbor?


Sarah Oldham said...

Hey, girl. I've been forced to blog elsewhere (can't seem to prove I am who I am w/ blogger to access my blogs) so here I am:



Sarah said...

I am so grateful for the Catholic school we've found that has gone to great lengths to refuse these types of programs in their curriculum. Our school is a truly orthodox Catholic school in every sense of the word. And I know how very blessed we are ... I can't imagine fighting these battles in our school. As if we don't have enough battles to fight every single day! We shouldn't have to worry about what's being taught in our Catholic schools ... We must continue to pray!

Allison said...

Sarah, whenever you describe your school and parish I too always feel that you are blessed.

So good to hear neither use products from BENZIGER or GROWING IN LOVE, like other parishes.

God bless!

Josie said...

Sarah, where do you live and can you find me a house there?;) No, I am only kidding, do not disclose where you live, but what HOPE that inspires to hear there is actually a school out there protected from all of this!
If you are at all inclined, could I give you my contact info so you could email me the diocese that you live in? God bless and praise God for your school!

Stephanie said...

Josie, I can't get to your blog. It looks great.

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