YouTube NEEDS a Bailout! reports on The End of YouTube?

"Despite massive growth, ubiquitous global brand awareness, presidential endorsement, and the world’s greatest repository of illegally-pirated video content, Google’s massive video folly is on life-support, and the prognosis is grave....
The problem lies with the bean-counters. According to a report by Credit Suisse, YouTube is on track to lose roughly $470 million in 2009.

Sad indeed if YOUTUBE were to go under. Yes, it's a place to view carefully but I utilize it almost everyday for homeschooling!

* When my children's curriculum suggests a classical piece of music to listen to I can not only play it but show them the symphony and alternate versions!

* When they are directed to memorize poetry or Shakespeare they are assisted invaluably be hearing it done by others, even famous actors. What a context and cadence it brings to them!

* When we are reading about a period of history and a famous character, that character can come alive to them via newsreel footage on YOUTUBE...Mussolini's smug head nodding speech...Hitler and his hial hand that's what they look/sound like...

* Recently, we even found math lessons that totally bridged an area of confusion for my youngest son and my preschooler loves the little ABC and phonics clips we find....

We enjoy it outside of homeschooling as well, so I hope YOUTUBE can reorganize to continue to bring to us all the GOOD things that it does.

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Leticia said...

Well, I do use YouTube a lot but lately I have noticed they like to take prolife videos off and keep anti-Catholic videos on, so I'm hoping Gloria TV or Tangle (formerly God TV) take their place.

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