Happy ~ 6 things Meme

10:20 PM
Thanks Jennifer for the tag.

Six things that make me happy...will bore you. But there's nothing more true or higher on the list, for me.

1. The Traditional Latin Mass and my Catholic faith.

The big picture, at last. Sigh. Peace. I know.

Finding the "full expression of our beliefs in the timeless liturgy of antiquity, the Extraordinary Form" as my friend Kimberly would agree, is a gift not to be overlooked. I would be lost without it, it's silent reverence in a world of crass cacophony.

2. My husband, most excellent and saintly partner.

He loves...he serves....

He does so much for me I'd be lost without him. I do not know where I end and he begins, we are "we".

3. My children, gifts from God. Wish I had more. They are each so unique and lovable.

We are a team. They are the meaning of life and have given me my best job. Being together and being home makes us all happy.

4. Loved ones.

Like my mom, who would walk through fire for me... and my friends (online and from my homeschool group) who nourish me with their smiles and ideas, living out their faith. It's good to know there are many of us "out there" to support and uplift the Catholic homeschooling life.

5. Morning Coffee.

This truly is next. Love it. Love the taste, the aroma, the mood, the effect...the sensory explosion it provides. Especially love it on weekends when my husband and I are sipping it in pajamas with crazy hair. We get a little giddy finding a spot to sit across from each other to get into a good conversation, while the kids play and don't notice us. :)

6. The beach.

I used to be a winter girl, a ski girl. But I have switched teams. I'm a beach bum now, waiting again for that time when I ride another sensory explosion of sand between my toes, salt breeze in my hair, camera in my hands and smile on my face as I enjoy us all enjoying the surf, sand, sea life and family time of summer vacation.

But, there are many others things that make me happy as well...

I tag...YOU.

Let me know if you participate so I can read your list. :)


Sarah - Kala said...

These are six excellent things that make you happy. I've done this twice already, but it's fun. Enjoying your Advent? I pray so.

Christine said...

You have your head and heart in the right place. Here in Minnesota I am so far away from a beach. We do have 10,000 lakes though!! Not the same.

Aubrey said...

Thanks for sharing your six things. I enjoyed them and posted my own six things.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

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