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I'm participating in A Simple Woman's Daybook carnival.

Outside my Window...mosquitos, bugs, beetles and a praying mantis I just pulled off the hydrangeas I brought in for a vase.

I am thinking of...getting ready for a trip to Virginia's Northern Neck. All our families will be meeting at an idyllic location of my brother and sister-in-law's. With spectacular views, I'll go camera crazy and get some kayaking and crabbing in too!

I am thankful for...My homeschool group that met, once again, to clean our Church on Saturday morning. It's one of the occasions that the Dads come along and we have fun while cleaning God's house for our generous pastor. I am also so thankful that a friend who has been wanting to come to our Latin Mass was able to today.

From the kitchen...the sound of the dishwasher at night. I've always really liked that sound. Somehow it's comforting....

I am creating...packing lists, clean laundry and vases of hydrangea.

I am going... update some pictures in frames around the house and start thinking about July.

I am wearing....a gauzy black skirt with white vines in a climbing pattern. It has some tie strings with silver bell-type grommets on it that my daughter loves to fiddle with. My white, scoop neck top has managed to stay pretty clean today. I'm out of my papagallos and into my comfy bierkenstock crocs.

I am reading... not enough, there a huge pile waiting for me! Although I did read a nice article by Dr. Alice von Hildebrand in Latin Mass magazine thanking Pope Benedict for Summorum Pontificum and her observations on Vatican II.

I am hoping....that the weather is cooler for our time in Virginia and that my husband comes home soon from his Sunday night ice hockey game. I like knowing he is safe and sound.

I am hearing...just the air conditioning. I've put the children to bed and I'm enjoying my silent time. I am a night owl for moments like these.

Around the house....are some new furnishings for the schoolroom. Teacher's chair has been upgraded. There's a new bookshelf and sideboard cabinet all of which dear hubby put together this weekend.

A Favorite thing...A clean van! Oldest son is strong and hardworking. He took the seats out, vacuumed, polished, got the little ones Febreezing and made the hosing part fun for all. Love that guy!

Plans for the coming week... make it memorable!

A Picture to share... Before and After shot


Christine said...

My older guy helps out with the car cleaning also. Seats are that is a clean car!

Cobblestones said...

I love getting little peeks into others lives. Thank you for sharing with us. I also love the sound of the dishwasher at night. It means the job is done :)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful hydrangeas! I have enjoyed your writings today. Our family loves the Extraordinary Form of the Mass too; it truly helps us be rooted in the tradition and heritage of the Church.

Jessica Gordon said...

I loved reading your Daybook. I also love that you added lots of pictures to it... I am a visual person, and LOVE pictures! :)

I would have to agree that a clean car is high on my list of favorite things as well.

You are so blessed to have a Latin Mass available... I just keep praying that we will have it someday.

God Bless!

Allison said...

Thanks for visiting ladies - always so nice to hear of others who love and appreciate the Latin Mass. Why not? Our Holy Father does and it is (up until the last 40 years) THE history of our Church, the Lass the saints saw.

Christine, my clean car is a delight but last night during a torrential downpour we realized the umbrellas hadn't made it back in yet...ugh! LOL.

xxxxxx said...

1) Your house is so neat organized and beautiful
2) Your outfit sounds gorgeous!

3)The Latin Mass rocks.

Allison said...

4. Great to have you back Diana!

If you want to really see gorgeous, visit Diana's!

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