There's something about Mary, Our Blessed Mother

There's something about Mary, Our Blessed Mother.

May is Our Lady's month and I hope to mark many days of May blog posts celebrating the Mother Our Lord gave to us from the Cross.

Crownings of Mary Statues and processions happen all month, ours next Sunday. I was so delighted to see these wonderful old-time photos on Hallowed Ground.
Would you like to join me in posting SOMETHING ABOUT MARY all month?


Nope said...

hi i think that your idea is i am in!!!

Anonymous said...

My first post is up! A lovely idea...

Ebeth said...

+JMJ+ what a great idea and yes I'm in as well. You can have the book review or I have another one that I will dig up....if I don't end up writing a new one within the next few days!

May the peace and patience of Mary be with you!


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