Edible rosaries!

Here are two ways to honor your Catholic graduates. Invite the Blessed Mother to be present as a present! She will delight and nourish.

First, there's the The Chocolate Rosary , which can also be used as a gift for any Sacrament and as a fundraiser too.

Then, there's this idea...rosary cupcakes!

Thanks to my local gurus of crafty Catholic homeschooling, Jessica and Cecilia. They made these rosary cupcakes for our Catholic Homeschool group graduation Mass last year.
Make sure you say a Hail Mary, as these treats are meant to inspire devotion to Our Lady and The Most Holy Rosary.


Jamie Jo said...

I saw your comment at Christine's blog and have seen you at Margarets! Thought I'd check you out! (you look like a good friend of mine!)

Wow, I love the cupcake idea for getting together with our homeschool group!! How fun!!! Thanks for posting this!

Christine said...

Hey...boy does that Jamie get around!!! She is a sweetie-pie! She is a good friend of mine and it is so fun to see her when I pop in to comment.

Love the rosary cupcake idea...never seen that one before!

Allison said...

Yeah, two of my new favorite bloggers to visit.

I went to Jamie's today and LOVED it, another kindred spirit!

Thanks for visiting ladies. :)

Anonymous said...

Rosary cupcakes?!! How perfect! I'm putting this one down as a keeper!

Mfraser said...

Wonders never cease!! Telling my mom for her carmelite group. Sweet idea! Thank you.. Just love your site!


Sarah - Kala said...

Oh, this post looks de-lish! Who wouldn't pray these rosaries???

Love this posts ideas. I'll pass it along to our new CRE for next year!!

Jamie Jo said...

Thanks for the link JMJ, this is where I originally saw the cupcake rosary! I wanted to wrap it around and do a heart shape, but the table was too narrow...I think it still might have worked!

Very pretty!
Fun to see our first converstaion, on this post!

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