Public speaking for homeschoolers

Today was my 10yr.old son's first time lecturing. He read the responsorial psalm at our First Friday homeschooler's Mass and did a wonderful job. All during the school week he practiced his reading and it was a proud moment when he conquered his nerves and "spoke" in front of our group. He said he felt like God was with him, as he is self-conscious about stumbling when reading aloud. (I know I was praying for him and certainly our Lord WAS present in the tabernacle behind my boy.)

What I notice first about this picture, and only after taking it, is the positioning of my son's arm and that of Pope JPII's, behind him. Dear JPII the Great, pray for our Priests and our children.

It would be an honor to see my sons, ANY or ALL three of them speak from that location to a parish on a regular, vocational basis! ;)


Kelly said...

Awww - congrats to him! And I do love that mirror photo-image!


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

God bless him.
May your prayers be answered. I have asked my older children to pray for their spouse to be; it may be a person or it may the the Bride.

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