FIRSTS - Pentecost High Mass & First Holy Communion

Pentecost Sunday marks the FIRST birthday of the Catholic Church.

It was also this young priest's FIRST High Mass.

For 2 young girls, It was their FIRST Holy Communions!

What was not a FIRST was my emotion.  As I approached the communion rail I glanced at one of the Communicants that had returned to pray in her pew.  

Her face.

O....her face.

She closed her eyes and smiled and in that expression was BLISS.

Bliss mixed with I've-been-lost-and-now-I-am-home, and my breath sucked in. I knelt and had to fight back tears.

So much to be grateful for today....for FIRSTs and for reminders of what we have in the Mass and Eucharist. It was easy to feel the Holy Spirit at work today.


Stephen Tuck said...

What a truly wonderful post!

Allison said...

THanks, Stephen!

Stephen Tuck said...

No problem. I've been going in to bat against some of our more 'enthusiastic' Protestant friends online recently, so seeing your beautiful church was a welcome relief. I'll say one thing for sure: I feel rather bad for them that they have those truncated bibles. I've been working my way through the deuterocanonical books and getting a huge amount from them. I genuinely feel rather sorry for them missing out on them. Their loss I guess.

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