Can You Tell A Story In 7 Seconds?

That's the creativity of VINE. You must tell your story in 7 seconds of video. See info video and tutorial HERE.

I think it would be a great homeschool assignment, encouraging creative fun. But so far, only the "teacher" here is making them.

ACTION ITEM - a future post will have 3 VINES, one from each of my "students." Stay tuned! (Wonder if I could get college boy to make one....)

Until are some of mine. (You will probably need to click on the image to start the film and hovering over the top left of the image will show you where to click for volume.)

This is FALL...the colors of the sky, the leaves and the bonfire and the sound of geese overhead.

This is my solution to the C H O R E of an overflowing sink of dirty dishes...


 And this is the deadly accuracy of my 2nd son...zombies be warned!


 What are your stories and can I see you on Vine?

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Oh my gosh! I can't wait to try this. I just got a Windows phone and the app for Vine just came out. I will have to check out your tutorial. You should sooo host something : )

Have a blessed week.

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